Welcome to the Family Check-Up Online

Being a parent can be challenging! Sometimes you might question whether you are doing a good job. Other times you might not know what you could do differently to improve your child’s behavior at home and at school. The Family Check-Up Online is an effective family-centered program that gives you a detailed report of your family’s relationships and your child’s behavior. And it also helps you learn day-to-day parenting skills that can improve your child’s behavior at home and at school.

The program is based on our 30+ years of experience working with families. It has been shaped by the personal experiences of parents, teachers, counsellors, therapists, and others who interact with children regularly. The program has been tested – and found to be highly effective – in numerous published research studies.

The Family Check-Up Online program has three steps



First, you answer a short series of questions about your experiences, your child, and your family life.



Next, the program gives you a detailed report telling you how your child and family are doing compared to other families who have children the same age.



If you decide to make some changes, then the program will help guide and support you. The Skill Sessions website allows you to choose practical parenting skills to try out at your own pace.